Experience Lika and gastronomy of Lika

xperience the richness of Lika’s natural and gastronomic heritage during the three-day stay in Lika. After visiting the world famous National park Plitvice Lakes, we suggest to visit the nearby Barać caves which are characterized by an abundance of cave fauna.

The second day is scheduled for a tour of the Kuterevo bear refuge and a visit to the picturesque village of Krasno, where you can visit the Forestry Museum and in the company of a pleasant host to see how to prepare the Lika’s traditional cheese – škripavac.

The third day of visit is planned for sightseeing the National park Northern Velebit. UNESCO organization recognized the Velebit mountain and put it under protection as a Man and Biosphere Reservation in 1978. At the end of the day you can visit village Pazarište and the Brewery Ličanka and taste a beer.

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